European Museum

The Schengen agreement – more than a European contract

Even 30 years after the first treaty was signed, the term “Schengen” is still a symbol for the freedom of movement and the abolishment of borders in Europe. Inaugurated in 2010, the European Museum is dedicated to the history and significance of the Schengen agreement. Our exhibition – spread over 200m2 – retraces the development from a Europe of borders towards a more unified Europe with a common citizenship in a clear and interactive manner. The abolishment of systematic border controls within the Schengen zone has been the first step in applying the four fundamental freedoms established with the Treaty of Rome in 1957.

During our opening hours, visiting the museum without guide is free. For organizational reasons, we ask bigger groups to give us notice beforehand. This is to make sure that the museum is accessible at the desired time.

Every day:                                    10 am – 6 pm (november – mars: open until 5 pm)

Free admission

In exceptional cases the museum is closed to the public for a short time due to children’s programmes.

Guided tours are independent of opening hours.

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