Discover the Three Country Corner!

Dear children and treasure hunters,

There are many destinations to be discovered during the summer holidays!

This was our reason for making a little treasure map with 12 interesting stops. Everyone who manages to visit at least 8 stops and collects the entrance seal (stamp) on his or her map will be entered into a sweepstake and ultimately has the possiblily to win the big treasure. Additionally, everyone receives a nice special prize when all the seals are collected.

The treasure map is available at the European Museum in Schengen and at the ticket office of the “Baggerweier” in Remerschen and will be distributed to each house hold with the municipality newsletter.

At the end of the game (end of the year 2020) a big price will be drawn among all the participants. Please, do not forget to collect your seal (stamp of each attraction) and the many treasures the region of Three Country Corner has to offer.

Have fun!