The Schengen Experience – Educational escape game

Our innovative programme for schools

Circumstances have called on you to go on a special mission and save our open borders. Part interactive theatre, part escape room – during your adventure you will learn about the fundamental values and the history of the European Union, all in a playful manner.

  • aged 8 – 12 years
  • 5 – 25 players

This game uses theatre and roleplay to communicate some educational concepts in an experiential way. Children experience what a world without open borders could look like. They explore the history of the European Union, its role in fostering peace and building a strong economy, as well as some of the cultural symbols of the member states. Finally, the children are encouraged to pool the information they gathered and build a strong argument for open borders by themselves.

Created in collaboration with Logic Locks – an award-winning design studio for meaningful immersive gaming experiences.