Nature reserve “Haff Réimech”


The nature reserve Haff Réimech, on the bottom of the wine slopes between Schengen and Remich, is well known for its large diversity of birds and its flora and fauna.

With this in mind, the nature reserve Biodiversum was created on an artificial island. The futuristic building in itself is already worth exploring. It bears the name of the foundation trustee Hermann & Valentiny Architects from Remerschen. Located in the basement of the Biodiversum, is a room for exhibitions and events, but also two class rooms in which school children can inspect samples of the flora and fauna. The ground floor is home to the history of the nature reserve and the underwater world, illustrated with exhibits and information.

On the first floor, visitors can explore the country’s other nature reserves, the mechanisms to protect nature and the topic of sustainability. The visit of the Biodiversum can easily be combined with an ornithological tour of the Haff Réimech.

Winner of the European Destinations of Excellence Award (EDEN)

Naturschutzzentrum Biodiversum
5, Bréicherwee
L-5441 Remerschen
Tel. (+352) 23 60 90 61

Open from 10.00 until 17.00
Closed on Mondays

Tours for groups on demand