(c) Claude Meisch

Mediterranean Garden

The Mediterranean garden in Schwebsingen is a private collector garden, which was designed and maintained by Charles Roovers and Dieter Lingen over the past 30 years.
The 15 are garden now gathers a large array of some 1000 different species and varieties of plants, focusing on Mediterranean and other species from subtropical to tropical climates that thrive splendidly in the mild wine-growing climate of the Mosel.
Due to its widespread assortment,  the garden offers an attractive range of flowering plants all throughout the season.

89 route du Vin
L-5447 Schwebsange
Tel. (+352) 26 66 55 37

open from 1st May until 3o September
Thursday, Friday, and every 1st Sunday of the month
as well as on public holidays
14.00 until 17.00 Uhr

Schengen Brigitte Krauth

Herbal garden in Schengen

Access via 6, Rue Robert Goebbels (Centre Européen)
L-5444 Schengen

accessible for free 24/7